Published: 15 May 2019

Retail Conference

For all retail enthusiasts,

Do you want to be on stage at a major retail conference in London and kickstart or develop your career in retailing... Then this is for you!

The conference organiser is looking for some young folks like you, e.g. millennials born between mid 80ies and 90ies – who can share their view of the retail convenience sector on stage during a panel discussion on the 6th of June in London. They look for four Millennials representing Convenience-Customers providing their opinions. You think you don't have enough expertise?! If you regularly shop at Pret, Tesco Express, Costa, ... that's all you need.

BTW, the conference is for free to you, whereas all others pay corporate prices, so lucky you. We'll also get you a train ticket to London and even better, you won't be alone, since Sabine Benoit from Surrey Business School will also be there.

For further information please contact Prof. Sabine Benoit

Here are details on the event:

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