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Published: 03 October 2018

Strengthening local community links through Rachmaninov’s music

On Sunday 30 September, the Department of Music and Media welcomed more than 80 talented musicians to the University of Surrey campus for the third University Orchestra Day.

Musicians from across Surrey united with University staff and past and present students to spend the day rehearsing Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances op. 45.

The Orchestra Day provided local musicians with a unique opportunity to practise with players of all ages, professions and skills in the newly refurbished PATS Studio 1 on the Stag Hill campus in Guildford. Attendees included children and teachers from Churches College and St Peter’s School, as well as members of Farnborough Symphony Orchestra, Guildford Symphonia and Brooklands Symphonia.

Expert guidance and encouragement was provided by the University of Surrey Orchestra’s eminent conductor, Russell Keable, who has established a reputation as one of Britain’s most exciting and versatile musicians, and was appointed Director of Conducting for the University in 2005.

Mr Keable said: “It’s remarkable to see nearly 100 people from all different walks of life come together and achieve such an impressive common goal in such a short time. We really appreciate the response from the local community both in terms of players and the audience.”

The day concluded with an informal performance to friends and family and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Professor Tony Myatt
Professor Tony Myatt

Professor Tony Myatt, Head of the Department of Music and Media, said: “Tackling such a difficult piece in the repertoire is very impressive. The culmination of our third University Orchestra Day was a really commendable performance and, for a group who’d only been together for one day, they achieved a well-balanced and full orchestral sound. Wholehearted congratulations to all involved.”

The next University of Surrey Orchestra Day will be held on the 27 January 2019. Please email for further information.

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