Published: 23 February 2017

Surrey CS students won Best Project Award at Imperial College Hackathon 2017

Surrey students receive the Best Project Award for the IC (Imperial College) Hackathon 2017, powered by Microsoft.

The Department of Computer Science's UG students Daniel Morris, Simion Putina and PhD student Andreas Antoniades have received the Best Project Award for their project titled "ContextualShuffle". The hackathon took place at the Imperial College between the 4th and 5th of February 2017, having attracted students interested in a wide area of topics in Computer Science.

"ContextualShuffle" is a song recommender system for Spotify that provides suggestions based on the mood of the user and the properties of the current song. This is achieved by taking snapshots of the user and classifying emotion through the Microsoft Azure Emotion API. The recommender suggests songs with similar properties as long as the user is enjoying the playlist, while ensuring that the transition between songs is smooth based on features including tempo, key and danceability. Should the user's mood not match the music, the recommender adapts to compensate.

Congratulations to the students and the team for the great achievement!

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