Published: 20 October 2016

Surrey Law School Research Newsletter, October 2016 (compiled by Dr Alex Sarch)

Ryan Abbott: Ryan has a paper forthcoming in a prestigious US law review. (For those who are interested in the quirky world of US law journals, you can get a better sense of the pecking order by clicking here, selecting "combined score" and then "submit".)

Ryan also made a presentation to the American Bar Association University IP Committee on Computational Invention and Patentability on September 28th.

Hrafn Asgeirsson: Hrafn will be in Oslo this week presenting his paper, "Vagueness, Reasons, and Judicial Discretion", at the University of Oslo's Center for the Study of Mind in Nature (CSMN) as part of their two-day workshop on "inference, linguistic representation and mental representation in the interpretation and meaning of legal language".

Bret Bogenschneider: As you can see, Bret has recently been on quite a hot streak in his publishing. Several of his papers are coming out in well-known US law reviews. His latest include:
• The European Commission´s Idea of Small Business Tax Neutrality, 25:4 EC Tax Review 221 (2016).
• The Taxing Power after Sebelius, Wake Forest Law Review (forthcoming, 2016) (W&L top 50).
• A Philosophy Toolkit for Tax Lawyers, Akron Law Review (tax edition, forthcoming, 2016) (W&L top 100).
• The Professional Ethics of U.S. Tax Treaty Interpretation, Southern J. of Business Ethics (2016).
• The Missing Hegelian Revival in Tax Jurisprudence, 7:2 J. Philosophy of International Law 1 (2016).
NB! Bret will be presenting the third of these papers--A Philosophy Toolkit for Tax Lawyers--at our next Wine and Cheese event right here in the Law School library on Tue., Oct. 11th at 17:30. (Hope to see you there!)

Sabrina Germain: Sabrina has been invited to participate in the Health Law Academic Seminars organised by the University of Montreal, McGill University and the University of Sherbrooke in Montreal in June, 2017. Fourteen Canadian and international scholars will be taking part in the seminars, the topic of which is “At the Frontiers of Health Law”. The collaboration will also lead to the publication of an edited volume. Sabrina's contribution will be on Medical Tourism and Brexit.

Marie Newhouse: Marie has a paper coming out in a top jurisprudence journal, and she just gave a talk at a meeting of a well-known philosophical society:
• ‘Two Types of Legal Wrongdoing,’ Legal Theory (forthcoming).
• She also gave a talk at the UK Kant Society Annual Meeting in September. The paper she presented was entitled "Moved to Obey: The Juridical Law as a Categorical Imperative".

Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco: Veronica has a number of forthcoming papers, which include:
• "Law's Empire in Action," Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence,
• "Practical Reason in the Context of the Law" in The Cambridge Companion to Natural Law Jurisprudence (Robert George and George Duke, eds; Cambridge University Press).
• "Re-Examining Deep Conventions: Practical Reason and Forward-Looking Agency" in The Metaphilosophy of Law (Oxford: Hart).
She also has a busy speaking schedule for the fall. She will present her paper, "Understanding the Negligent Act: Practical Reason and Akrasia," at:
• Girona Legal Theory Seminar, Spain (October)
• UNAM, Institute for Legal Research, Mexico (November)
• Workshop on Conventions at Pompeu Fabra University, Legal Theory Group, Barcelona (October).

Arman Sarvarian: Arman has many irons in the fire at the moment, including the following:
• He's currently working with the ILA Committee on the Procedure of International Courts and Tribunals, which is a four-year, high-level collaborative project.
• He recently led a team that was awarded a grant by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).
• He has an interesting piece forthcoming on the law of state succession: 'Codifying the Law of State Succession: A Futile Endeavour?', 27(3) European Journal of International Law (2016), forthcoming.
• He has also recently been interviewed on a number of BBC programs. (Hopefully, he can give the rest of us the inside scoop sometime on how to manage that!)

Alex Sarch: Alex will be presenting his paper, "Who Cares What You Think? Criminal Culpability and the Irrelevance of Unmanifested Mental States," to the Jurisprudence Discussion Group at Oxford on October 20th.

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