Published: 17 February 2015

Surrey responds to industry needs

Geotechnical Engineering is one of the acknowledged skill shortages in the UK and the industry desperately needs quality geotechnical engineers to fulfil the massive infrastructure target (High speed rail, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Power and the like).

This is worldwide issue and the challenge is skill development in this area in a short amount of time. The only way of presently obtaining a geotechnical engineering degree is through the MSc route. The governments official Shortage Occupation List highlights the growing skills shortage in the geotechnical field and raises concerns about its impact on the economic growth we are presently experiencing. 

The construction sector is at the heart of the UK's recovery. Clearly, geotechnical engineering is an essential part of the wider industry and having properly qualified geotechnical engineers is vital. Recently the UK became the world's fifth largest economy, yet we cannot find geotechnical engineers in large enough numbers to build the infrastructure that we will need to continue to grow. 

The University has responded to this challenge through the development of a new Msc titled 'Advanced Geotechnical Engineering' which will units related to offshore geotechnical engineering (subsea, foundation for offshore structures), Nuclear power plant foundation design, dams, basements and tunnels. In addition, the University invested in a new Advanced Geomechanics laboratory, SAGE (Surrey Advanced Geotechnical Engineering) to enable students gets hand on skills on soil testing.


For enquires on this subject please contact:  Prof Suby Bhattacharya.

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