Published: 23 September 2015

Surrey Satellite Technology demonstrates 1-metre high resolution satellite imagery

University-founded company demonstrates its latest imaging technology.

The first imagery has been released from SSTLs’ DMC3/TripleSat Constellation satellite, with the imagery showing features on earth up to 1 meter in resolution.

The Satellites were launched alongside the Surrey Space Centre’s demonstrator satellite Deorbitsail back in July 2015. The time on the satellites has been leased to 21st Century Aerospace Technology Ltd of Beijing. Their data will help with urban planning, working out crop yields, pollution monitoring and doing biodiversity assessments, among many other applications.

SSTL was founded by the University of Surrey as a company in 1985, transferring the results of its research into small and inexpensive satellites into a commercial enterprise.  The University continues to research and develop small satellites today.

Read more about the launch on the BBC’s website.

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