Published: 19 April 2016

Surrey Shakespeare quiz

Test your knowledge of Shakespeare’s plays and learn why the study of his work is still a vital part of today’s English literature and creative writing degrees.

Shakespeare enriched the English language in many ways. He coined and popularised so many words and phrases - from green-eyed monster (Othello) to heart of gold (The Tempest) - it’s almost impossible to gauge his true impact.  

“Shakespeare wrote many deeply fascinating plays, some of the most famous in world literature,” said Dr Neema Parvini, Lecturer in English Literature. “These plays are populated by complex characters; and the reasons for their actions, decisions and motivations are still much debated by students and critics alike.

"Accordingly, in the 400 years since his death, more criticism and scholarship has been devoted to Shakespeare than any other writer.”

How much do you know about Shakespeare's plays?

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