Published: 22 April 2015

Surrey's Chemistry department to host High Spec Raman Spectrometer Regional Facility

Chemistry academics at the University of Surrey have been awarded £344,980 from the EPSRC for a ‘High Spec Raman Spectrometer Regional Facility.’

Dr Carol Crean (Principal Investigator) and Prof John Varcoe (Co-Investigator) successfully secured funding for a high-specification Raman spectromicroscope, with five lasers from deep UV into the Infra-red (244 nm – 785 nm), high speed mapping capability and a temperature controlled stage from 196 to 600 deg C.

Such a unique set-up will enable the University to provide a state of the art capability for both academia and industry working on advanced materials for energy and electronics, forensic and bio-related research.

Support for this facility was expressed by key users based at UCL, ICL, QMUL, King’s College, Reading and Sussex.

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