Published: 16 April 2019

Surrey’s School of Psychology opens brand-new facilities

The University is investing £5m in improving the learning, study and research facilities available to students on our psychology courses.

As part of a two-phase major renovation project, we’ve recently opened a new open-plan teaching space in our School of Psychology, as well as a comfy student breakout area featuring sofas and seating which are perfect for working in small groups. We have also built 20 new bookable student project labs equipped with the tools you need to complete research into everything from eye-tracking to brain stimulation to psychophysiology. Right from the start, our students are trained in a variety of up-to-date data collection techniques, with these labs ensuring you have the best environment to learn in.

The second phase of the project, due to be completed in late September 2019, will include a new virtual reality simulation suite, upgraded neuropsychology labs and a purpose-built lab for studying infants (the BabyLab). There will also be two new observation rooms which can be used for dissertation project work.

Once completed, our brand-new psychology facility will provide you with a more flexible and interactive working space, so you can get the most out of your time with us.

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