Published: 02 June 2017

Top Talent Heads to the Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy

The Centre is proud to announce that the rumours are true: several very talented scholars working at the intersection of law and philosophy will join the University of Surrey School of Law--and the Centre--in the next three months.

Joshua Andresen: Yale JD, Northwestern PhD (philosophy). Josh will join us from Yale Law School, where he has been a Robina Human Rights Fellow. His research focuses on national security law, international humanitarian law, drone warfare, and terrorism financing.

Mikolaj Barczentewicz: Oxford D.Phil candidate, Oxford M.Phil, M.Jur, University of Warsaw. Mikolaj works on Constitutional Law, EU Law and Jurisprudence. He is interested in Hartian rules of recognition, constitutional interpretation, and in legal issues related to Brexit.

Kenneth Ehrenberg: Yale JD, Columbia PhD (philosophy). Ken is moving to Surrey from the University of Alabama, where he was an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and an adjunct professor in the Law School. Ken works mainly in Jurisprudence and has recently published The Functions of Law (OUP 2016).

Ambrose Lee: Stirling PhD and M.Litt. Ambrose studied with Anthony Duff and was recently a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow at Oxford. His research is primarily in legal, political, and moral philosophy, with an emphasis on the normative and conceptual issues relating to criminal justice

We are also delighted to announce that two senior scholars will be joining us on a fractional basis:

Dennis Patterson: Dennis’s research focuses on neuroscience and law, contracts, and international trade. He comes to us from the University of Swansea School of Law, where he has been a Professor of Jurisprudence and International Trade. He is recently the author of Minds, Brains and the Law (OUP 2013). He will continue to serve as Board of Governors Professor of Law at Rutgers.

Bebhinn Donnelly-Lazarov: Bebhinn’s research focuses on neurolaw, criminal law, environmental law and jurisprudence. She also joins us from University of Swansea, where she has been a Professor. She is recently the author of A Philosophy of Criminal Attempts (CUP).

But wait, there's more...We have made two further appointments, but we cannot announce their moves until they receive their visas. Both have JDs and PhDs in philosophy, with one working on labour law and the other on criminal and tort theory. Stay tuned!!!

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