Published: 12 April 2016

Tree dedication ceremony to celebrate partnership with North Carolina State University

The idea for giving each other a tree is based on the tradition of “notable trees” planted on the University of Surrey campus to recognise distinguished individuals and events important to the university.  This, coupled with the strong leadership of the partnership through forestry faculty members at NC State, planted the notion that a mutual gift of trees would be wholly appropriate for our two universities.

A simultaneous live broadcast dedication ceremony took place on 31 March, with Prof Larry Nielsen from NC State hosting the ceremony here at Surrey along with Prof Jonathan Seville, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.  Meanwhile, Prof Vince Emery, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International Relations) here at Surrey hosted the event at NC State, along with their Provost Dr Warwick Arden.

Following remarks by the four leaders, alternating between campuses, the commemorative markers were unveiled and receptions were held for attendees at the two universities.

The trees and markers are now in place, to demonstrate for the foreseeable future that the partnership between the University of Surrey and North Carolina State University is strong, broad, deep and multi-faceted.

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