Published: 28 May 2019

University of Surrey joins EPIC group to strengthen photonics research links

The University of Surrey is set to join Europe’s largest photonics industry association - European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC).

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Boasting almost 500 members, including 60 universities and research organisations across 33 countries, EPIC is the world’s fastest growing photonics industry association. The group focuses on the sustainable development of organisations that have an interest in photonics research and development. Members of EPIC have a wide range of interests in photonics research and development, such as lasers, sensors, imaging, displays and optical fibre.

The University of Surrey is the birthplace of the strained-layer quantum-well laser invented by Professor Alf Adams, which led to world-changing technologies including CD players, barcode scanners and fibre-optic broadband. The University is also home to the Advanced Technology Institute, a leading photonics research centre.

Professor David Sampson, Vice-Provost, Research and Innovation at the University of Surrey said: “The University of Surrey is delighted to join EPIC. The laser technology that powers everything from the internet to supermarket barcode scanners was invented here, and we’ve continued to lead the way in photonics research that contributes to industry and everyday life. Working with EPIC and its members, we hope to get photonics research on the agenda of decision - and policy - makers, and to collaborate with industry on promising research and commercial applications of this work.”

Carlos Lee, Director General of EPIC, said: “EPIC membership is composed of leading photonics companies. These organisations thrive because of the outstanding performance of their products, but developing leading edge technology and staying at the forefront requires collaborating with the best universities and research organisations to fuel innovation and tackle technological bottlenecks. I am therefore sincerely pleased to have the University of Surrey join EPIC and actively engage with our industrial partners.”

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