Published: 05 May 2017

University of Surrey Professor appointed as Honorary Director at world-class research centre in China

Professor Ravi Silva, Director of the Advanced Technology Institute and Head of the Nano-Electronics Centre, has been appointed as Honorary Director to the Zhengzhou Materials Genome Institute.

Director of the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) and Head of the Nano-Electronics Centre (NEC), Professor Ravi Silva has been appointed as Honorary Director to the Zhengzhou Materials Genome Institute.

The Zhengzhou Materials Genome Institute (ZMGI) is a multi-million dollar research centre, established in May 2016 and based in Zhengzhou, China. The world-class research centre aims for innovation and has a strong focus on developing advanced nano-materials for sustainable high value manufacturing.

As a distinguished international expert, Professor Silva has been appointed as Honorary Director to encourage collaboration and bridge the gap between China and the UK in delivering advanced nano-material technologies. Professor Silva’s internationally renowned research has resulted in over 600 presentations at international conferences and over 550 journal papers.

Professor Silva comments: “I am delighted that I can play a small role in bridging technology across the UK and China, and take part in the incredible growth taking place within China based on nano-materials research.

“The Zhengzhou Materials Genome Institute will be a key facilitator of taking nano-materials and carbon technology to real-world applications, such as novel energy storage technologies, catalysts, sensors and products which will be central to future cities and engineering products. We hope to create a new range of disruptive technologies, designed at the nanoscale for technology applications that include the IoT, green energy and healthcare. We already have a number of major companies who have signed up to work with us on this journey of discovery.”

Professor Guosheng Shao, co-director of the Zhengzhou Materials Genome Institute, says: “There are great opportunities to work with the Surrey team in bridging China-UK together on advanced materials and novel devices. The Surrey team is a world leader in carbon and nano-materials science and technology which is the very area of interest for ZMGI and the Zhengzhou University, who are largely focusing on clean energy and environmental applications.”

Professor Silva was presented with an honorary president letter of appointment from the Mayor of Xingyang, Zhengzhou, Mayor Wang Xingting on 13 April 2017 at Zhengzhou.

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