Published: 27 January 2020

University takes pledge to stop providing single use plastic cups

Find out more about our plans to reduce plastic waste.

What are we doing?

The University takes its commitment to reducing waste seriously. As part of this commitment, we want to reduce the number of single use plastics used throughout our campus. Last year we ordered 185,000 small plastic cups for water coolers alone. We can stop this by promoting further use of re-usable cups and bottles while offering a plastic-free cup to aid this transition. 

That’s why we will phase out the plastic cups that have been purchased prior to 6 December and begin to replace them with compostable cups which are 100 per cent vegetable derived and provided by Vegware

Why are we doing this?

We know that plastics are harmful to the environment. They take decades to decompose fully and fragment into pieces along the way, causing damage to ecosystems. As a University, we do recycle plastic cups, but this still uses energy.

We have already worked with catering outlets to introduce a range of compostable, plastic-free packaging and we are constantly looking at ways to improve in other areas. Banning the use of single use plastic cups is one way we can do this.

What is the long term goal?

Our long term goal is to have all staff and students use a reusable cup or bottle at our refill points. To make it easier do so, we will be installing further refill points in 2020.

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