Published: 09 May 2017

Victoria Fellowship Recipient to use the Forward Osmosis Pilot Plant

It is vital for the Australian dairy industry to adopt energy efficient technologies.

The Department of Chemical and Process Engineering (CPE) is pleased to announce that one of the 12 recipients of 2016 Victoria Fellowships in Australia is coming to visit to use the Forward Osmosis pilot plant.

Dr. George Chen from the University of Melbourne will be spending just over 2 months in CPE this year August – October. 

Dairy is the largest agricultural industry in Victoria, contributing to 82% of Australia’s dairy exports. To remain internationally competitive, it is vital for the Australian dairy industry to adopt energy efficient technologies to reduce production costs and maximise returns. The study mission will enable Dr Chen to evaluate energy efficient forward osmosis membrane technology for the manufacture of dairy powder products at a pilot scale testing facility in the CPE Department at the University of Surrey, in England. Through this international collaboration, Dr Chen will be able to apply for industry funding to help the Victorian dairy industry introduce this technology to optimise production processes. He will also attend the 3rd International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology, in Spain, and visit researchers at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, who conduct pilot scale studies in membrane technologies for dairy applications.

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