Published: 26 March 2018

A week in the life of a postgraduate taught electronic engineering student

MSc Electronic Engineering student, Wesley Buxton, shares a typical week for him as a postgraduate student at Surrey.

Electronic engineering student working on a piece of machinery

Typical timetable

The following timetable is a personal example - for the latest course information, explore our electrical and electronic engineering courses, including our MSc Electronic Engineering.


8am - Reluctantly wake up. Eat breakfast and prepare lunch for the day ahead.

9am - 10-minute trudge through the snow into the University Library. Download lectures for the day and catch up on emails for this week.

10am-1pm - Renewable Energy Technology lecture.

1-1:30pm - Lunch and catch up with friends.

1:30-3pm - Group project meeting in Innovation for Health study area.

3-5pm - Advances in Nanophotonics lecture.

5-5:30pm - Go food shopping, otherwise I may not survive the week.

5:30-6:30pm - Cook dinner and chat with housemates.

6:30-9pm - Study.

9:30-11pm - Watch movie.

11pm- Crash into bed.


8am - Get up, eat, and prepare lunch for the day.

9am - Get to the Library, prepare dissertation work for tomorrow's labs.

11am - Semiconductor Devices and Optoelectronics lecture.

12pm - Lunch.

1-3pm - Study and continue with dissertation work.

3pm - Semiconductor Devices and Optoelectronics lecture 2.

5pm - Walk home, chat with housemates.

6pm - Dinner time.

7-9pm - Study.

9-11pm - Watch some TV.

11pm - Fall into bed.


8am - Wake up, eat breakfast.

9am - Get to the ATI labs, prepare equipment for Inkjet printing.

10am - Nanoelectronics and Devices lecture.

11am - Back to labs, run experiments.

1pm - Global Graduate Award in Sustainability lecture.

3pm - Quickly eat, back to labs and continue experiments.

4pm - Coffee in Guildford town centre with friends.

6pm - People and Planet debate.

8pm - Wates house for dinner and a few drinks.

12am - Home/bed.


9am - In Library doing coursework

3-4pm - Advances in Nanophotonic tutorial class.

4pm - Home, study.

6pm - Cook dinner.


Get up and in University for 10am.

10-12am - Nanoelectronics and Devices lectures.

12-3pm - Lunch while working on coursework.

3- 3:30pm - Meeting with lecturer about group project coursework.

3:30-6pm - Study in the Library.

6-8pm - University blackout event, Switch off the lights!, and pizza.


Morning - Spend some time in the gym.

Afternoon - Study and prepare coursework.


Morning - Walk into town.

Afternoon - Study.

Evening - Gym.


Explore our electrical and electronic engineering courses, including our MSc Electronic Engineering.

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