Published: 20 March 2017

Women in ExxonMobil Event

On the 20 of February, six CPE UGs attended the “Women in ExxonMobil Event”.

On the 20th of February, six CPE UGs attended the “Women in ExxonMobil Event”. This is an annual event so opportunities will exist for those who didn’t get on the list this time around (6 was the capacity). Some views of the day from our ambassadors are given below. I also give the names of all in case you want to chat to them about the day and their impressions of ExxonMobil.

"The day at ExxonMobil was an informative day where we gained an understanding about the opportunities that a placement with ExxonMobil could offer. We heard from different managers within the company about their careers and the different places around the world that their jobs have taken them. An IChemE representative also came along to give some tips on networking which were then put into practice over lunch. The day was a really interesting day that we have all come away from having a better understating of ExxonMobil and what a career there could look like. It was an opportunity that we are grateful to have had and hope that more students next year will have the chance to go on this day. 

The ExxonMobil event was totally different for me (in a good way obviously) than what I had expected it to be. I had this idea of ExxonMobil as just a corporate realm where oil and gas is everything. But going to the event gave me a very good understanding about not only the company but also their philanthropic activities such as contributions to combat malaria, support to women in engineering, contributions to charity organisations etc.  We got the chance to meet and network with quite a few people from the company, learnt about their career at ExxonMobil, how it started, how it has changed over the years. Also, we had an interactive session with recent graduates who were at ExxonMobil where we could ask them about their experience at ExxonMobil so far, the application process and moreover any questions we had about working there. Overall I would like to say that I enjoyed the event very much,, met like-minded chemical engineering students from different universities. The event to me was very informative and it gave me an insight into the opportunities they have within the organisation. " (Alicia Rheeston-Stewart and Shivani Kumar)

The 6 CPE Ambassadors: Anika Asaman, Shivani Kumar, Deepa Kumar Pradeep, Amber Nunes , Chisom Ogbedeh and Alicia Rheeston-Stewart.

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