Published: 04 October 2017

Work Processing - A Forum for the Sharing of Live Practice

This event is being organised by five interdisciplinary practice-based PhD candidates, supported by the TECHNE AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership.

Work Processing is a day-long forum designed to showcase and celebrate the work of academic and independent practitioner researchers. The first instalment will be held on the 1st of December 2017 at Chisenhale Dance Space, London. The day is aimed at postgraduate and early-career practitioners, practice-based PhD students, and independent artists working in the arts and humanities – however, we are keen to welcome attendees from all academic and non-academic backgrounds. Tickets are priced at £10 and can be purchased via Eventbrite (TECHNE Students and Associates will receive a full refund when they check-in on the day).

The focus of Work Processing is practice itself. The programme for the day will consist of a selection of works from ten practitioners representing a diverse range of disciplines including Dance, Performance, Music, and Creative Writing, as well as many interdisciplinary explorations. There will be works-in-progress, demonstrations of working practice-based methodologies, and experimental arts practice that convey the process of producing knowledge without the need for immediate mediation through theoretical discourse. The idea is to allow practice to exist in dialogue with other practice and to explore an alternative to the standard conference model.

The day will conclude with an evening supper and roundtable conversation. Here we would like to encourage our guests and practitioners to reflect upon the day’s events in the manner one would talk among friends at the dinner table – sharing food as well as ideas is very much in keeping with the spirit of the day. We hope to offer a relaxed setting for all attendees to speak about practice, the works and their approaches, the format of the day itself, as well as how Work Processing events can be shaped in the future without the formalities of an academic Q&A. Food and drink will be provided, but any contributions to the feast will be very much welcomed! Attendees are invited to bring their own bowl or plate and utensils, and to also note that Chisenhale Dance Space can be a bit chilly in the winter, so please bring a blanket or warm layers.

The overall aim of this event is to allow a community and network of practice-based researchers to form, to foster connections between practitioners, and to encourage collaborations from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.

Work Processing has been organised by five interdisciplinary practice-based PhD candidates who are supported by the TECHNE AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership. Further information, including directions to the venue can be found on our website:


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