About us

Our Veterinary Pathology Centre provides a focus for pathology research, education and commercial activity.  Our facilities include the very latest high-containment post-mortem examination facilities, as well as histology and clinical pathology laboratories and a microscopy suite with multi-headed microscope, virtual microscopy and X-ray facilities.

    Mission statement

    Our Veterinary Pathology Centre is at the forefront of innovation in veterinary pathology diagnostics, research and education.

    World-class facilities enable us to provide the veterinary and scientific community with the highest standard of service, generating quality results and data. It is through gaining a better understanding of the underlying cause of disease that we promote biomedical research, innovative teaching and are able to safeguard animal and human health.

    Our values

    • Innovation: Embracing innovative technological advances in veterinary pathology.
    • Collaboration: Working in partnership with the veterinary and scientific community to identify the underlying causes of disease.
    • Passion: A commitment to providing the highest quality of personalised service.
    • Openness: A culture of transparency; working in partnership and sharing outcomes.
    • Curiosity: Driven to a comprehensive understanding of pathological processes through research and fostering inquiring minds.