Parking applications privacy notice

The Transport team is part of Traded Services at the University of Surrey. We have a named Data Protection Officer, Elizabeth Powis, who can be contacted via

One of our responsibilities is to tell you about the different ways the University collects and uses your personal data. This statement provides details on how we use your data. In addition to this statement, you may be given further information about the uses of your personal data when you use certain other services offered by the University.

We collect personal data provided by you through a third party parking management system provided by Total Parking Solutions Ltd. Please read their privacy notice.

This system enables you to:

  • Make your application online.

It enables us to:

  • Process your application
  • Make an informed decision, on the information that you have provided, for the purpose of approving or rejecting an application
  • Manage your parking.

The University is obliged by the local Borough Council to operate an exclusion zone to restrict parking for those living within Guildford. This means that the University has an obligation to provide parking only for those residing outside the exclusion zone (except where applications made on special grounds meet the medical/caring/childcare criteria) and a legitimate interest in providing parking only to those who are current members of the University due the limited number of spaces it has available. 

When we receive your application we assess it against a range of criteria determined by the University’s Parking Eligibility Criteria Working Group. Each application is assigned a score based on the information provided and parking is prioritised accordingly. All applications are manually processed by us.

We retain the information you have given us to provide you with access to our limited parking facilities (once approved) and to manage these facilities on an ongoing basis.

We collect your:

  • Name
  • Residential address
  • Vehicle details.

For all applications and to manage our parking facilities.

This helps us determine if an application falls within the parking exclusion zone and enables us to prioritise who should be granted access to a limited number of parking spaces that the University has. It also helps us to ensure that all vehicles using our parking facilities are authorised to do so.

The Parking Management System is not integrated with the University’s HR or Student Data Systems or accessible to us and so evidence of your residential address needs to be provided by you in support of your application via the Parking Management System.

Approving parking on special grounds

For the purpose of approving parking on special grounds, we collect your name and details of you residential address and vehicle as well as the following information:

Where the application is on medical grounds:

  • Process relevant information as to your applicable disability, medical or health condition to enable us to assess your eligibility for a parking permit on medical special grounds
  • Where you have a Blue Badge, no additional evidence of a medical condition will be required to be disclosed and a copy of the Blue Badge will be evidence in itself.

Where the application is on childcare grounds:

  • We process family details including:
    • Age of child/children
    • School/child care details
    • Information on anyone else who shares the responsibility of these childcare arrangements to assess your eligibility for a parking permit on childcare special grounds.

Where the application is on caring grounds:

  • We process family details including:
    • The name and relationship to the person for whom care is being provided to assess your eligibility for a parking permit on caring special grounds.

We analyse geographic/demographic/other information relating to you from publicly available sources, such as Google maps. This enables us to review the viability of journeys to campus by means other than car.

Automated number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and handheld parking enforcement equipment operated by university security officers will be used to collect vehicle registration details. This data will be processed against all approved vehicle registrations on the Permit Management System to enable us to enforce our traffic regulations.

We keep personal data and any special category data for one year from date of application. This information is kept securely within the Parking Management System and held on secure servers within the UK. Access to the Parking Management System is password restricted and the data will only be viewed by us to process your application and manage your parking permit.

We do not hold paper copies of any application.

We process your data to meet our legal requirements, specifically because of the parking constraints placed upon us by Guildford Borough Council.

We also process your data in our legitimate interests to manage the University’s car parking facilities. These legitimate interests are determined through an assessment made by weighing our requirements against the impact of the processing on you. Our legitimate interests will never override your right to privacy and the freedoms that require the protection of your personal data.

If you are interested in learning more about this legitimate interest assessment, please email the Data Protection team.

We also process data to meet our contractual duties to you and provide you with a reasonable expectation that parking will be available to you if you have purchased parking as laid out in our contract with you.

All parking data is held on the Parking Management System hosted on Total Parking Solutions UK servers.

We will share special category data relating to medical applications with the Robens Occupational Health Advisors or the Disability and Neurodiversity team, as appropriate, who will advise us on whether the need for parking is to be supported.

As an individual whose data we process (a data subject), you have certain rights in relation to the processing. Find detailed information about your rights as a data subject.

You have the right to:

  • Withdraw your consent for us to process your personal data where we have relied on that consent as our basis for processing your data.
  • Ask us to confirm that your personal data is being processed and to access (i.e. have a copy) of that data as well as to be provided with supplemental information about the processing.
  • Request that we rectify any inaccuracies where the data we hold on you is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Have your data erased by us, although in certain circumstances we may not be able to do this. The circumstances where this applies can be found in the guide to data subject rights information.
  • Restrict the processing of your personal data in certain ways.
  • Obtain your personal data for reuse.
  • Object to certain processing of your personal data.

If you would like to exercise any of your rights please visit our make a privacy request section.

Make a complaint

If you have any concerns about the way that we have handled your personal data please email the Data Protection team as we would like to have the opportunity to resolve your concerns.

If you’re still unhappy, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (an independent body set up to advise on information rights for the UK) about the way in which we process your personal data.