Alisha Tuladhar

Alisha Tuladhar

Research Fellow in Digital Economy and Blockchain


Areas of specialism

Circular Economy; Business models

My qualifications

MSc in Innovation and Technology Management
University of Bath
Bachelor’s degree of Business Administration
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

My publications


Alisha Tuladhar, Konstantinos Iatridis, D Dimov (2022)Chapter 6 - History and evolution of the circular economy and circular economy business models, In: Circular Economy and Sustainabilitypp. 87-106 Elsevier

This chapter critically traces the antecedents of the circular economy and presents its history in three periods—(i) pre-1990s; (ii) 1990–2010; and (iii) 2010–present and beyond—to illustrate how the narrative of the circular economy has developed over time. Following the history and contemporary implications of the concept, the chapter then addresses how the circular economy can move from theory to practice by discussing the various circular economy business models extant in the literature. Building on these, we propose a Holistic Circular Business Model Canvas. We conclude by discussing future research areas that are crucial for the development and adoption of the circular economy and circular economy business models.

Maya Fischhoff, Alisha Tuladhar (2021)4 Ways to Make Your Business Circular

4 Ways to Make Your Business Circular (