Dr Andrea Idini

Newton Fellow



I have defended my PhD at University of Milan with Prof. Broglia, in the beginning of 2013. After that ventured to Darmstadt University (and GSI), and Jyvaskyla. I came in Surrey in March 2016 with a Newton fellowship grant.

I am member of the editorial board of Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

Research interests

My research interests are the nuclear many-body problem and superfluidity.

- Optical potentials in medium-mass nuclei by the means of Green functions, for scattering and transfer reactions from first principles.- Effective pseudo-interactions for density functional theory. New type of momentum-dependent functionals. New parametrizations for mapping density functionals into the full solution of the ab-initio Hamiltonian.- Interweaving of collective and single-particle degrees of freedom as description of variety of nuclear structure and reaction properties.- Forbidden beta decay.

Research collaborations

Active collaborations with university of York, Jyvaskyla, Seville and Milan.

Publication highlights

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