Dr Azlin Sharina Abdul Latef

Postgraduate Research Student
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Digital World Research Centre.


Azlin Sharina Abdul Latef, David Frohlich, Janko Calic, Nuzul Haqimi Muhammad (2018)Teachers’ Perceptions towards Implementing Mobile Learning in Rural Malaysia, In: E-proceeding of the 1st international medlit media literacy for social change conference 2018pp. 267-284 UMK Press

The use of mobile technologies appears to be in line with the strategic goals in education besides facilitating and promoting learning anywhere and anytime. However, despite the complete and advance mobile infrastructure in the developed world, the digital divide still exists in developing countries. This paper discussed the students’ behaviour and responds towards digital devices and mobile learning through interview sessions held with the school administrator and teachers. The paper defines the various perceptions of the use of mobile technology for teaching and learning by reflecting the positive opinions from the school administrator and the teachers. The different perceptions and acceptance towards technology between the aboriginal and non-aboriginal students are also reviewed in this paper.