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Dr Bo Wang

Lecturer in Chinese Comparative Law
FHEA; PhD in English Criminal Law (KCL); LLM in Criminal Law (RUC); LLB (CUPL)
Wednesdays 14:00-16:00; Fridays 9:00-11:00


Areas of specialism

English criminal law; Chinese criminal law; Comparative criminal law

University roles and responsibilities

  • Academic Integrity Officer
  • International Student Recruitment Champion


Research interests


Completed postgraduate research projects I have supervised

My teaching

My publications


1. Wang B, "A Normative Case for Abolishing the Doctrine of Extended Joint Criminal Enterprise" (2019) 83 (2) The Journal of Criminal Law 144, 144-160.


3. Wang B, "Abolishing Australia's Judicially Enacted Sui Generis Doctrine of Extended Joint Enterprise" 2018 3 (1) Concordia Law Review 67, 67-101.



  • Wang B, "A Normative Case for Abolishing the Doctrine of Extended Joint Criminal Enterprise" (2019) 83(2) The Journal of Criminal Law 144.

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