Dr Catherine Paterson

Research Fellow (RAII) in Cancer Care



Catherine Paterson joined the University of Surrey in February 2014, having worked previously at the University of Dundee, and prior to that, the University of Aberdeen. Catherine is a registered Adult Nurse and holds an honorary Specialist Nurse appointment in the Urology Department at NHS Tayside, Scotland. She also has significant experience in the conduct and management of multi-site clinical research trials and mixed methods research. Her research interests are driven to provide more effective, supportive and responsive care for people affected by cancer.

ResearchImproving the quality and outcomes of care for patients with breast or colorectal cancer receiving chemotherapy: the Advanced Symptom Management System. Funded by Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology (2012-2014) Senior Researcher

Evaluation of the impact of Advanced Symptom Management system (ASyMS) on the care delivered to people with breast and colorectal cancer receiving adjuvant chemotherapy: The ASyMS III study (2011-2014) Senior Researcher

eSMART: e-Symptom Management using ASyMS (Advanced Symptom Management System) Remote Technology for patients with breast, colorectal or haematological cancers receiving chemotherapy: Randomised controlled trial to improve patient outcomes. Funded by the European Union (2013-2018) Senior Researcher


Exploring prostate cancer patients' self-management behaviours and social supportive experiences using questionnaires and electronic behavioural diaries: Does social support buffer the relationship between coping and Health-Related Quality of Life? (Principle Investigator)


Developing Research GrantsManagement of Research ProjectsManagement of Research StaffDissemination of ResearchSupervision of Postgraduate Students

Research interests

• e-Health and the use of technology in home and healthcare settings• Supportive care• People affected by prostate cancer and their families• Real time methodologies.• Mixed methods research