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Egan Kieren



Over the last nine years I have had a continued interest in global health with a particular interest in non-communicable diseases. My undergraduate degree was in Biological Sciences where I made a solid basis in understanding health, the physiology of the body and the development of effective interventions. After I completed this degree I undertook a PhD in dementia where I used evidence synthesis techniques to provide data driven hypotheses as to why so many candidate interventions fail at clinical trial level. Upon finishing my PhD I began a temporary position with the World Health Organization in Geneva, where I remained for 18 months. During this time I undertook different research interests including focus group studies, systematic reviews and meta-analyses across mental health and substance abuse disorders- some of which have been used for the development of WHO guidelines. My current research fellowship position continues my research interest in non-communicable disease working with a rural family-based study in Brazil to understand the relationship between sleep, circadian rhythms and cardiovascular disease.

Research interests

My research interests focus on improving our understanding of non-communicable disease. My current projects with the University of Surrey focus on the relationships between sleep and circadian rhythms and cardiovascular disease with a particular interest of the role of ethnicity. Alongside this interest I maintain a number of different dementia research projects with the University of Edinburgh where I am an Honorary Fellow.