Emma Braysher

Postgraduate Research Student
MChem, RSci

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Department of Chemistry.

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Braysher Emma, Russell B., Woods S., García-Miranda M., Ivanov P., Bouchard B., Read D. (2019) Complete dissolution of solid matrices using automated borate fusion in support of nuclear decommissioning and production of reference materials,Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 321 (1) pp. pp 183-196 Springer International Publishing
Accurate measurement of natural and anthropogenic radionuclide concentrations is of critical importance to end users in the nuclear sector to ensure correct classification prior to storage, recycling, reprocessing or disposal. Uncertainties in the characterisation of solid matrices and materials could lead to safety, quality and financial implications. Robust sample preparation methods are vital, in particular effective sample digestion, as under-estimated chemical yield recovery results in a corresponding under-estimation of activity levels. Borate fusion has been proven to effectively digest a range of complex sample matrices in the geosciences but is not used routinely elsewhere. In this study, we describe an automated procedure for borate fusion of multiple matrices encountered in nuclear decommissioning, containing diverse radionuclides over a range of activity concentrations. The impact of digestion flux, sample mass and sample to flux ratios are described, as well as the subsequent separation and measurement techniques. The results contribute to accurate and precise measurement of radionuclides in various matrices, as well as to characterisation of reference materials, providing greater confidence in nuclear industry programmes worldwide.