Dr Enrique Palancar

Research Fellow (SMG)



  • 1992. Honours B.A in English, The Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
  • 2000. Doctor in Philology (Linguistics), The Complutense University of Madrid. Summa cum Laude.
  • 2002-2010. Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, School of Languages and Literature, The Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mexico.
  • 2010-2011. Visiting Reader, Surrey Morphology Group.
  • 2011- Research fellow, Surrey Morphology Group.

External webpage: http://enriquepalancar.weebly.com/index.html

Research interests

  • Meso-American languages
  • Oto-Manguean languages: Oto-Pamean, Otomi
  • Autonomous morphology and morphosyntax
  • Linguistic typology
  • Historical linguistics



  • In preparation. Estudios de Morfosintaxis en Lenguas de Mesoamérica, Edited with Roberto Zavala, Mexico City: CIESAS, (To appear in 2012).
  • 2009. Gramática y Textos del Hñöñhö: Otomí de San Ildefonso Tultepec, Queretaro [Volumen I: Gramática], Mexico City: Plaza y Valdés, ISBN 978-607-402-146-2, (xxiii + 597pp.) [Volumen II: Textos], Mexico City: Plaza y Valdés, ISBN 978-607-402-147-9, (v + 146pp. + CD) Award: 2010 Wigberto Jiménez Prize for best linguistics research by the National Institute for History and Anthropology of Mexico.
  • 2002. The Origin of Agent Markers, [Studia Typologica 5], Berlin: Akademie Verlag, ISBN 3-05-003767-9, (310 pp.) Review: Holton, Gary. 2007. The Origin of Agent Markers, Language 83/1: 226-227 Review: Maldonado, Ricardo. 2005. Enrique L. Palancar, The origin of agent markers. Studies in Language 29/2: 490-495 Review: Luraghi, Silvia. 2004. Review of The Origin of Agent Markers, by Enrique L. Palancar. Language Typology, 8/1: 140-143

Most recent publications

• Accepted. “The conjugation classes of Tilapa Otomi: An approach from canonical typology”. To appear in Linguistics.• 2011. “The Spanish loanword lado in Otomi” (with Néstor H. Green (first author) and Selene Hernández (third author), Language Sciences 33: 961-980.• 2011 “Revisiting the conjugation classes of Eastern Highlands Otomi”, Language Typology and Universals 64: 213-236.• 2011 “The conjugations of Colonial Otomi”, Transactions of the Philosophical Society 109: 1-19.• 2011 “Oblique reflexives in Spanish: A constructional account of sí and sí mismo”, Probus: International Journal of Latin and Romance Linguistics 23: 57-101.