Dr Florent Renaud

Research Fellow



Born and raised in Vendee, on the Atlantic French coast, I moved to Strasbourg to get an engineering degree and find out engineering was not my thing. Fundamental research however provides the daily excitement that I need to fight the gravitational singularity of my bed. So, I kept my engineer background and work-methodology, and I shifted to Astrophysics, with a Master thesis in Strasbourg and Caltech, followed by a PhD in Vienna, a postdoc in Saclay (near Paris) and another one here in Surrey.

Research interests

Magic words like dynamics, hydrodynamics, simulations, star formation, star cluster, galaxy are those tickling my mind. I try to understand how galaxies convert their gas into stars, and how this process varies with different physical conditions. I choose to split this ambitious task in several projects, which helps me to get a better handle on key physical processes and their coupling. This goes though studies of turbulence, feedback, tides, the dynamics of galaxies and star clusters. For more information (and movies!), visit my personal website.


Click here for all refereed journal publications on the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS).