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Dr Helen Quasnichka

Research Fellow (Cartilage Biology)



I'm a biochemist and cell biologist, and I specialise in extracellular matrix biology (ECM). I graduated from the University of Bristol having completed a PhD studying the biomechanics and ECM biology of knee ligaments in osteoarthritis.

I continued my interest in ECM and cell biology, researching intra and extracellular mechanisms of atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis at Imperial College, Cardiff and Bristol University. More recently, my work has focused on the identification of ECM biomarkers for early diagnosis of osteoarthritis, and quality control markers for tissue engineered cartilage.

Research interests

My current work with Professor Ali Mobasheri and Dr Chris Fellows is part of the collaborative D-BOARD consortium funded by the EU. D-BOARD brings together leading academic institutions and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to focus on the identification, validation and qualification of new biomarkers of degenerative and inflammatory joint disease.

Departmental duties

Research, lab management, undergraduate and post graduate supervision.