Professor Jill Shawe

Professor and Lead for Maternal and Family Healthcare



Jill Shawe is a Clinical Academic with extensive experience of working in the field of primary care and women's health, working as a midwife, health visitor and reproductive health nurse and in nursing and midwifery education and research. Jill leads the Maternal, Child and Family Health Research and Education Cluster and is also Director of the Centre for Research in Nursing and Midwifery Education (CRNME) which has a legacy to support PhD studentships.

Following on from her role as project lead at UCL for a DH Policy Research Programme Grant, Pre-pregnancy Health & Care in England: Exploring Implementation and Public Health Impact, Jill has developed a programme of research and education in Perinatal care (PREPARE). Collaborating with colleagues from Nutritional Sciences and Health Psychology along with NHS colleagues nationally the group aims to improve outcomes for women planning pregnancy. Jill was integral in the formation of a European pre-pregnancy research collaboration: The PrePreg Network which brings together EU and other countries to work together in this emergent area.

Jill's PhD examined Pre-pregnancy care for women with diabetes and current projects include: Pregnancy after Metabolic surgery study (PAMS), Prevention of neural tube defects in ethnic communities and inter-conception care for women with gestational diabetes and their partners (PARTNERS) in collaboration with Surrey Sports Park. Jill also has an interest in reproductive health care for vulnerable groups and PhD student projects include sexual health of the homeless, women with babies removed at birth and sexual and reproductive health of young women after bariatric surgery.

In addition to her research, Jill teaches and supervises students undertaking BSc, MSc and PhD programmes and works clinically as a Midwife and Reproductive Health Nurse.

Research interests

Preconception and Inter-conception Health and Care; Diabetes and Pregnancy; Bariatric Surgery and Pregnancy; Postnatal Care; Contraception and Sexual Health; Fertility Awareness; Service User Involvement.

Research collaborations

Current Projects

PREPARE | Perinatal Care - Programme of Research and Education in Preconception Care.European PrePreg Network. EU partners from Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, USA.Current projects:1. Evaluation of Preconception Health and Care in Europe.2. Consensus on Interconception care.3. Planned and unplanned pregnancies among women attending antenatal care.4. Implementation of a Reproductive Life Plan (RLP).5. Attitudes towards parenthood and understanding about fertility.

Pregnancy after Metabolic Surgery (PAMS) Biomedical and Health Pump Priming Funds PI NHS Collaborators - Bariatric Centres UK.

PARTNER study PARents Together in Nutrition Exercise inteRconception Study. University of Surrey PI.

PREVENT Programme of Research and Education in Preventive Family HealthcareDevelopment of Mobile Application for Prevention of Unintended Injuries in Under 5's. Impact award funding. Public Health Surrey / University of Surrey. PI.

Current Collaboration with UCL Institute for Women's Health

Smarter Pregnancy. Efficacy of a nutrition and lifestyle digital intervention in women planning a pregnancy: a pilot randomised controlled trial in Primary Care. Health Education England Co-applicant (PI Judith Stephenson UCL).

BeCCY (Best Choice Contraceptive for You) project developing and testing ways of supporting women to make informed choices of contraception. HTA NIHR Co-applicant (PI Judith Stephenson UCL).

Recently Completed Projects

NIHR Pre-pregnancy Health and Care in England - DH Policy Research Programme. Co-applicant and Project Lead PI Judith Stephenson (UCL).

Improving the Sexual Health of Homeless People: Burdett Trust for Nursing and St Mungo's - PI

RESPONSE - A collaborative research project to understand how (poor) communication by nurses and midwives contributes to complaints and to explore the role of clinical leadership in promoting effective communication for nurses and midwives in responding to informal complaints RESPONSE. PI

Current PhD Students

Prevention of Neural Tube Defects within Ethnic Communities in the UK: Pre-pregnancy Knowledge, Attitudes and Health Behaviour.UCL Biomedical Grand Challenge Jordana Peake with Professor A Copp (ICH)

Babies Removed at Birth Wendy Marsh CRNME Fellowship with Dr Ann Robinson & Dr Jen Leamon (Bournemouth University)

Development of Mobile Application for Preconception care in Women with Diabetes. Chid Nwolise with Dr Nicola Carey

Sexual Health of Adolescent Homeless Fiona McGregor with Dr Ann Robinson

Reproductive Health after Bariatric Surgery in Young women. Marie McCormack with Prof Jane Ogden

Learning from Patient Complaints Sarah Bolger with Dr Carin Magnusson

Knowledge and Attitudes within Diabetes Care in Cyprus Monika Nikitara with Dr Nicola Carey

Pressure Injuries in the Maternity Setting Kath Lawton with Prof Jane Nixon (Leeds) & Prof Dimitri Beeckman (UGhent)

Fertility Awareness Bola Grace UCL with Prof Judith Stephenson (UCL)

Eating Disorders in Pregnancy Amanda Bye UCL with Prof N Micali (UCL) and Prof D Bick (Kings College London)


MSc Delivering Quality Healthcare Maternal Child & Family Health Lead

Research modules and research methods.

Women's health and sexual health.

Teaching nursing and midwifery.

Departmental duties

Lead Maternal, Child and Family Health Research and Education Cluster

Management of the Centre for Research in Nursing and Midwifery Education (CRNME)


Visiting Professor University of Ghent Belgium

Honorary Nurse Consultant for Research Ashford and St Peter's HospitalsNHS Foundation Trust

Advisory Board Swiss Precision Diagnostics - Clear Blue

Stakeholder Governor Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Member RCOG Faculty SRH Research GroupMember Advisory Group for the Commissioning of Contraception & Abortion Services in EnglandMember RCN Research SocietyProfessional Membership: Royal College of Midwives. Royal College of Nursing. European Society of Contraception, British Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society, Association for Study of ObesityAssociate Member Royal College Obstetricians & Gynaecologists Faculty Sexual & Reproductive HealthAssociate Editor BMC Pregnancy and ChildbirthPeer reviewer: Human Fertility Journal; Journal Sexual & Reproductive Health Care; European Journal Contraception & Reproductive Health Care


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