Dr Julien Demarche

Marie Curie Experienced Researcher
+44 (0)1483 683625
20 NC 00



Graduated in Physics from the University of Namur (UNamur), Belgium in 2005, Julien joined the LARN (Laboratoire d'Analyses par Réactions Nucléaires) at UNamur and was involved in the development of lithium coatings for boron neutron capture therapy applications (BNCT), the installation of a X-Ray diffractometer on an accelerator beamline to study heavy ion-matter interactions, and ion beam analysis of materials. He undertook a PhD thesis under supervision of Pr Guy Terwagne, in collaboration with Prof. Guy Ross from INRS-EMT (Québec, Canada), investigating the "Synthesis and fundamental characterisation of silicon and germanium nanocrystals synthesized from ion implantation for the development of high efficiency solar sensors, which he completed in 2012. During these years, he was also working as an assistant at the Department of Physics of UNamur, spending half of his time on teaching supervising students and visitors.

He joined the Surrey Ion Beam Centre in October 2013, to work as a SPRITE Marie Curie Experienced Researcher in the development and exploitation of ambient pressure MeV-SIMS. This new technique is aimed at imaging organic, archaeometric, forensic, and other insulating materials at micro-spatial resolution. Through the auspices of IAEA, he is also working on integrating this research in an international collaborative and educational framework through establishing protocols and running round-robin experiments, co-organise meetings and collaboration strategies, and developing IAEA's Accelerator Knowledge Portal.