Dr Laura Tripkovic

Teaching Fellow in Nutrition & Dietetics
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41 AY 03



I qualified as a Dietitian in 2005, and since then I have worked within a range of roles across the Dietetics field. Starting my career as a clinical Dietitian within the NHS, I then progressed into research to complete a PhD (The SLOWCARB Project) which largely focussed on investigating the potential role of whole grains and the constituent fibres in reducing the risk of heart disease in adults. More recently, during my time as a post-doctoral research fellow, my focus has turned to vitamin D and the role it plays in maintaining bone health in both adolescents and women.

Research interests

My main research interests focus on vitamin D, particularly investigating whether there is a difference in how the body responds to vitamin D2 versus vitamin D3 (The D2D3 Study). In addition, it is also of great interest whether an individual's ethnicity influences their response to vitamin D supplementation and how this translates into health effects.

I am also involved in research looking to understand how much vitamin D adolescents need to maintain healthy growth and development (The ODIN Study).

Research collaborations

The SLOWCARB ProjectDr John Lodge - Northumbria University, Newcastle upon TyneDr Gary Frost - Imperial College, London

D2D3 StudyDr Simon Penson and Dr Gemma Chope - Campden BRIDr Jacqueline Berry - University of ManchesterDr Elina Hypponen - University College London/University of South Australia

ODIN StudyDr Mairead Kiely and Prof. Kevin Cashman - University College Cork, IrelandDr Camilla Trab Damsgaard and Dr Christian Molgaard - University of Copenhagen, Denmark


BMS1034 Key Skills for Nutrition and DieteticsBMS2051Nutrition Health and BehaviourBMS2052 Pathology: A Metabolic PerspectiveBMS3058 International Public Health and NutritionBMS3068 Clinical Nutrition and DieteticsMSc Nutrition

Departmental duties

Module organiser for BMS2052 Pathology: A Metabolic Perspective and BMS3058 International and Public Health Nutrition.


British Dietetic AssociationNutrition SocietyHealth and Care Professions Council


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