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Dr Mahdi Shahabi

Research Fellow

Academic and research departments

Institute for Communication Systems.



Research interests


S. M. Shahabi, Z. Yang, H. Asgari, G. Charbit and M. Shikh-Bahaei (2021) Hybrid Beamforming for Distributed Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces-Aided Systems
Y. Omid, S. M. Hosseini, S. M. Shahabi, M. Shikh-Bahaei and A. Nallanathan (2021) AoA-Based Pilot Assignment in Massive MIMO Systems Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Y. Omid, S. M. Shahabi, C. Pan, Y. Deng and A. Nallanathan (2021) Low-Complexity Robust Beamforming Design for IRS-Aided MISO Systems with Imperfect Channels
M. A. Mosleh, M. I. Parizi, S. M. Shahabi and M. Ardebilipour (2021) A decentralized AoA-driven constant envelope precoding for multi-cell massive MIMO systems
S. M. Shahabi, M. A. Mosleh and M. Ardebilipour (2020) Low-complexity AoA-driven pilot assignment for multi-cell massive MIMO systems
M. A. Mosleh, S. M. Shahabi, M. Ghasimi and M. Ardebilipour (2020) A Low-Complexity AoA-driven Multi-cell Constant Envelope Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems
S. M. Shahabi, M. Ardebilipour, S. M. Hosseini and Y. Omid (2019) Constant envelope precoding in multi-cell massive MIMO systems with channel uncertainty
S. M. Shahabi, S. M. Hosseini, Y. Omid and M. Ardebilipour (2019) A Novel Calibration Error Aware Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems with Imperfect CSI