Dr Muhammad Zeeshan Babar

Postdoctoral Researcher
PhD in Robotics and Autonomous Systems
9:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday


Research interests

My publications


Ditroi F., Takacs S., Smith Richard, Babar Muhammad (2011) Investigation of proton and deuteron induced reactions on cobalt,Journal of the Korean Physical Society59pp. 1697-1700 Springer Verlag
In the framework of a systematic study on light ion (p, d) induced reaction on different targets of medical, industrial, etc. importance, natural cobalt has been investigated by using stacked-foil technique. In these measurements C-55,C-56,C-57,C-58,C-60 isotopes have been identified. Beyond the Cobalt isotopes we have also presented Ni-57 and Mn-52 from the proton experiment. For the above isotope the excitation functions in the measured energy range were determined and compared with the literature data and with the results of model calculations. The agreement with previous measurements was good and we have also measured new cross-section data.