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Dr Saeed Alqahtani

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Department of Computer Science.

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Alqahtani SIS, Li S (2017) PPAndroid-Benchmarker:
Benchmarking Privacy Protection Systems on Android Devices,
ARES 2017 International Conference Proceedings Series
Mobile devices are ubiquitous in today?s digital world. While people
enjoy the convenience brought by mobile devices, it has been
proven that many mobile apps leak personal information without
user consent or even awareness. That can occur due to many
reasons, such as careless programming errors, intention of developers
to collect private information, infection of innocent apps by
malware, etc. Thus, the research community has proposed many
methods and systems to detect privacy leakage and prevent such
detected leakage on mobile devices. This is a to do note at margin
While it is obviously essential to evaluate the accuracy and
effectiveness of privacy protection systems, we are not aware of
any automated system that can benchmark performance of privacy
protection systems on Android devices. In this paper, we report
PPAndroid-Benchmarker, the first system of this kind, which can
fairly benchmark any privacy protection systems dynamically (i.e.,
in run time) or statically. PPAndroid-Benchmarker has been released
as an open-source tool and we believe that it will help the
research community, developers and even end users to analyze,
improve, and choose privacy protection systems on Android devices.
We applied PPAndroid-Benchmarker in dynamic mode to
165 Android apps with some privacy protection features, selected
from variant app markets and the research community, and showed
effectiveness of the tool. We also illustrate two components of
PPAndroid-Benchmarker on the design level, which are Automatic
Test Apps Generator for benchmarking static analysis based tools
and Reconfigurability Engine that allows any instance of PPAndroid-
Benchmarker to be reconfigured including but not limited to adding
and removing information sources and sinks. Furthermore, we give
some insights about current status of mobile privacy protection
and prevention in app markets based upon our analysis.