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Dr Shihan Bao

Postgraduate research student

Academic and research departments

Institute for Communication Systems.

My publications


Asuquo Philip, Cruickshank Haitham, Morley J, Anyigor Ogah Chibueze Pascal, Lei Ao, Hathal Waleed, Bao Shihan, Sun Zhili (2018) Security and Privacy in Location-Based Services for
Vehicular and Mobile Communications: An
Overview, Challenges and Countermeasures
IEEE Internet of Things 5 (6) pp. 4778-4802 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Location-based Services (LBS) have gained popularity
as a result of the advances in mobile and communication technologies.
LBS provide users with relevant information based on
their location. In spite of the desirable features provided by LBS,
the geographic location of users are not adequately protected.
Location privacy is one of the major challenges in vehicular and
mobile networks. In this article, we analyse the security and
privacy requirements for LBS in vehicular and mobile networks.
Specifically, this paper covers privacy enhancing technologies
and cryptographic approaches that provide location privacy
in vehicular and mobile networks. The different approaches
proposed in literature are compared and open research areas
are identified.