R So, J Chen, A J Mehta, S Liu, M Strak, K Wolf, U A Hvidtfeldt, S Rodopoulou, M Stafoggia, J O Klompmaker, E Samoli, O Raaschou-Nielsen, R Atkinson, M Bauwelinck, T Bellander, M-C Boutron-Ruault, J Brandt, B Brunekreef, G Cesaroni, H Concin, F Forastiere, C H Van Gils, J Gulliver, O Hertel, B Hoffmann, K De Hoogh, N Janssen, Y-H Lim, R Westendorp, J T Jørgensen, K Katsouyanni, M Ketzel, A Lager, A Lang, P L Ljungman, PKE Magnusson, G Nagel, M K Simonsen, G Pershagen, R S Peter, A Peters, M Renzi, D Rizzuto, T Sigsgaard, D Vienneau, G Weinmayr, G Severi, D Fecht, A Tjønneland, K Leander, G Hoek, Z J Andersen (2021)Long-term exposure to air pollution and liver cancer incidence in six European cohorts, In: International Journal of Cancer Wiley

Particulate matter air pollution and diesel engine exhaust have been classified as carcinogenic for lung cancer, yet few studies have explored associations with liver cancer. We used six European adult cohorts which were recruited between 1985 and 2005, pooled within the “Effects of low-level air pollution: A study in Europe” (ELAPSE) project, and followed for the incidence of liver cancer until 2011 to 2015. The annual average exposure to nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter with diameter