Stewart Ferris

Associate Teaching Fellow



After graduating with a degree in English Literature from Swansea University, Stewart co-founded Summersdale Publishers (now part of Hachette Group). He is the author of more than 50 published books including How to be a Writer, The Sphinx Scrolls and The Dali Diaries. His writing credits also include the television animation series Pokémon, Meet Ricky Gervais, and a show at the Edinburgh Fringe. In 2017 he completed an MA (Distinction) in Creative Writing at the University of Surrey and was awarded the university's Creative Writing Prize.

Research interests

The works of P.G. Wodehouse and the author's antagonistic and contradictory relationship with modernism.

The use by Wodehouse of modernist techniques when creating humour in his novels.

Writing a contemporary humorous novel based on a re-imagining of Wodehouse's modernist elements.

Research collaborations

The Sphinx Scrolls (novel)

The Sphinx Swindle (novella)

The Genesis Glitch (novella)

The Dali Diaries (novel)

The Key to The Da Vinci Code (reference)

How to be a Writer (reference)

How to Get Published (reference)

How to Publish Your Own Book (reference)

How to Get Inspired to Write (reference)

De-Stress for Exams (reference)

The Busker's Guide to Europe (reference)

Don't Mention the War (travel writing)

Don't Lean Out of the Window (travel writing)

Tish and Pish - How to be of a speakingness like Stephen Fry (humour)