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Wenwei Liu, Shuiqing Li, Adrian Baule, Hernán A. Makse (2015). Adhesive Loose Packings of Small Particles
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DOI: , , 2015, , 6492-6498
10.1039/C5SM01169HSoft Matter11
Wenwei Liu, Shuiqing Li, Sheng Chen (2016). Computer simulation of random loose packings of micro-particles in presence of adhesion and friction
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, , 2016, , 414-422
Wenwei Liu, Yuliang Jin, Sheng Chen, Hernán A. Makse, Shuiqing Li (2016). Equation of state for random sphere packing with arbitrary adhesion and friction
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DOI: , , 2017, , 421-427
10.1039/C6SM02216BSoft Matter13
Wenwei Liu, Sheng Chen, Shuiqing Li (2017). Influence of Adhesion on Random Loose Packings of Binary Micro-Particle Mixtures
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, , 2017, (10), 4296-4306
Sheng Chen, Shuiqing Li, Wenwei Liu, Hernán A. Makse (2016). Effect of long-range repulsive Coulomb interactions on packing structure of adhesive particles
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DOI: , , 2016, , 1836-1846
10.1039/C5SM02403JSoft Matter12
Sheng Chen, Wenwei Liu, Shuiqing Li (2016). Effect of long-range electrostatic repulsion on pore clogging during microfiltration
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, , 2016, , 063108
Eru Kyeyune-Nyombi, Flaviano Morone, Wenwei Liu, Shuiqing Li, Malcolm Lane Gilchrist, Hernan A. Makse (2018). High-resolution of particle contacts via fluorophore exclusion in deep-imaging of jammed colloidal packings
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, , 2018, , 1387-1395
Sheng Chen, Wenwei Liu, Shuiqing Li (2018). Scaling laws for migrating cloud of low-Reynolds-number particles with Coulomb repulsion
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, , 2018, , 880-897
Wenwei Liu, Sheng Chen, Shuiqing Li (2017). DEM Simulation of Random Loose Packings of Micron-Sized Particles with Both Adhesion and Friction
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, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods, Dalian, China, Aug 1-Aug 4, 2016
Wenwei Liu, Ran Tao, Sheng Chen, Huang Zhang, Shuiqing Li (2017). Effects of hydrodynamic interaction on random adhesive loose packings of micron-sized particles
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, EPJ Web of Conferences , 08017 (2017) Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Micromechanics of Granular Media, Montpellier, France, July 3-July 7, 2017