2nd International Conference on Dosimetry and its Applications (ICDA-2)


Together with various institutions all over the world, the International Radiation Physics Society (IRPS) co-organises International Symposia on Radiation Physics (the ISRP series) and Topical Meetings on Industrial Radiation and Radioisotope Measurement Applications (the IRRMA series), both as triennial events. The aim is to bring together scientists and engineers from around the world who share an interest in measurement and applications of ionising radiation. Covering the one year gap between these two scientific events, the IRPS also sponsors a triennial series of conferences devoted to current trends and potential future issues in ionising radiation dosimetry (the ICDA series). The scientific sessions of ICDA-2 will include invited lectures by leading experts in the field, contributed oral papers and poster presentations of contributed papers. Participants to ICDA-2 will have an opportunity to share ideas on all theoretical and experimental aspects of dosimetry, and on its applications in radiation protection, radioactivity within the environment and workplace, medical applications of ionizing radiation and other fields of human activity, including fundamental nuclear structure and decay physics research.  


A. Basic Concepts and Principles in Dosimetry
B. Personnel Dosimetry
C. Accident and High-Dose Dosimetry
D. Environmental Radioactivity Measurement and Monitoring
E. Dosimetry & Measurement in Medicine and Biology
F. Dosimetry & Measurement in the Nuclear Industry and at Accelerators
G. Standardization and Intercomparison in Dosimetry
H.  Monte Carlo Calculations in Dosimetry and Radiation Measurement
I. Novel Developments in Nuclear and Radiation Spectrometry
J. Nuclear Data and Evaluation

Further information

Please visit the venue and accommodation page for more information about the conference location, or visit the registration and submission page for details of how to submit an abstract and register for the conference.

Fully refereed papers from the meeting are planned to be carried in a Proceedings of the Conference, to be published by the journal 'Radiation Physics and Chemistry'.

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