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cii – the Centre for International Intervention at the University of Surrey – is a new initiative designed to provide critical scrutiny of the range of interventions used in international relations today. These include developmental projects situated within peace building/state building operations in conflict-affected and “fragile” states, military intervention and humanitarian assistance in situations of extreme crisis, and ‘softer’ forms of intervention such as mediation and diplomacy. cii’s purpose is to develop an in-depth, solid, understanding of how interveners conceptualise, rationalise, and operationalise their interventions, of the response from recipient communities, and of the consequences for both. It undertakes this task with the aim of enhancing both academic and practical understanding of intervention.

cii provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, research, and data to enable local and international stakeholders from diverse fields and backgrounds to “make sense of international intervention” in line with the above perspective. It achieves this by carrying out innovative multi-disciplinary research into theoretical and practical dimensions of international intervention, developing strong collaborative links with other institutions involved in the study and practice of intervention, and organising workshops and conferences aimed at feeding back insights to relevant bodies and to inform future research in the area. This is done by producing briefs for different audiences including academics, policy-makers, the military, NGOs, and the corporate sector.

Director: Professor Sir Michael Aaronson 




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