Mr Emmanuel Ibekwe

Doctoral Researcher

Phone: Work: 01483 68 3142
Room no: 31 AC 05

Further information


I am Emmanuel Ogueri Ibekwe from Nigeria, West Africa.   

I have a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) in Government and public Administration and a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy.  I was a staff of the Presidency in Nigeria, Bureau for Public Enterprises till 2010 when I resigned and joined Imo State University Owerri,Imo State Nigeria . I have served the university as Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor between March 2010 to June 2011 a period within which I had the responsibility of co-ordinating the day to day running of the vice Chancellor’s office. I am a lecturer in the Department of Political science presently on Research leave. I am interested in Strategic studies, African politics and International relations. I resumed in September 2014 in the School of Politics University of Surrey for my Ph.D. Research full time.

My research is on Transnational Crimes and National Security: A study of Nigeria Borders with its immediate Neighbours.  This study is important to Nigeria, West Africa and the world because of the prevailing National security situations.  This study intends to draw attention to a global dimension of internal security problems which is as a result of transnational crimes in our area of study.
The security situation in Nigeria is common knowledge to the world and is of great concern to the   international community.  Part of the Objective of this research is to establish the relationship between transnational crimes and National security. This research will identify some issues raised by transnational crimes between Nigeria and its immediate neighbours  of Benin,Chad,Cameroon  and Niger  Republics. The Research shall been adopting Transnationalism as a theoretical tool for analysis. This situation needs a broad based solution because of Nigeria Strategic position as the biggest country in Africa. It is that search for a lasting solution that makes this research a compelling necessity now.

The Developed countries of the world have a duty to ensure that there is a good security framework in developing countries of Africa and beyond. This is necessary to achieve global peace. If one part of the world is safe and the other is unsafe, it will make nonsense of Globalisation. There is likelihood of migration explosion towards the safe countries of the world. This portends “Danger” that must be averted. Transnational crimes have no boundary. The technological expertise that makes developed countries safe relatively must be deployed inform of assistance to the developing world now.

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