Professor Roberta Guerrina

Research Interests

Dr. Guerrina's main research interests are the interface between national, European and international politics, particularly with reference to the role of gender values/norms in shaping policy agendas:

  • Gender and  EU Politics
  • Feminist theories
  • Gender and International Relations, particularly Women's Human Rights, stabilisation and foreign policy
  • The Idea of Europe and European identity
  • EU social policy

Research Collaborations

Dr. Guerrina is current taking part in the following multidisciplinary projects:

Dr. Gill Allwood (Nottingham Trent University), Dr. Heather MacRae (York University, Canada) and Dr. Guerrina have been leading this research network since March 2010. This is a multinational research network looking to bring together key scholars of gender EU studies, looking at the gender impact on EU policies.

The initial work of the network was published as a special issue of Women's Studies International Forum in 2013. As part of the network she has also organised two conferences at the University of Surrey. The 2014 conference - Sex, Gender and Europe - showcased the work of the network and set out the agenda for the development of a Feminist approach to European Union Studies. 

The aim of this project is to explore competing understandings of 'international intervention', i.e. efforts by 'The Global North' to influence the course of events in 'The Global South', in terms of when and how it occurs, what it is meant to achieve, and whether it succeeds. Dr Guerrina is responsible for organising the workshop on Women, Peace and Security. 

The aim of this seminar series is to explore the challenges austerity places on the full implementation of the work-life balance agenda. The seminar series brings together academics, practitioners, and employers in order to explore the complex web of social and economic forces at work in promoting employment rights and equality in the context crisis. 


Completed Research Projects:

  • PIDOP (Processes Informing Democratic Ownership and Participation); FP7 Project;

The Project is coordinated by Prof. Martyn Barrett (University of Surrey). It is a 36 months project (March 2009-April 2012), looking at multi-level processof civic and political engagement and participation in traditionally marginal groups: women, youths, migrants and minorities.

Dr Guerrina is coordinator of Work Package 2, providing detailed policy analysis of current European and national approaches to active citizenship and promoting political participation. 


  • Motherhood in Europe

This is a multidisciplinary network looking at the normative dimension of motherhood in Europe. It is coordinated by Prof. Gill Rye (School of Advanced Studies, University of London)

The network is funded by the ESRC


  • European Social Policy
  • Introduction to politics and international relations
  • EU politics and governance
  • The international system
  • International Relations Theories
  • IR and Globalisation

Past Teaching:

Contemporary Western European Society; The idea of Europe; Women in Italy; Contemporary Italian politics; Gender and IR; Human Rights in Europe.

Departmental Duties

Key Leadership Roles at University of Surrey

2009-14   Head of Department/School

2013 Unit of Assessment Leader, REF 2014 

2008/09 PGT Programme Director

2008 Acting PGR Programme Director 

2003/08 UG Programme Director 

2004/06 Senior Placement Tutor


 British International Studies Association; 

University Association for Contemporary European Studies; 

Political Studies Association; 

International Studies Association

Current or Recent Professional Activity

Contact Me

Phone: 01483 68 2865

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Room: 14 AC 05

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My office hoursDr Guerrina will be on research leave during the Academic Year 2014-15


Journal articles

  • Guerrina R, Chappell L, Wright K. (2018) 'Transforming CSDP? Feminist triangles and gender regimes'. Wiley Journal of Common Market Studies,
    [ Status: Accepted ]


    Despite equality being considered one of the key normative foundations of the EU, gender has not yet been mainstreamed within the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). This article investigates the impact of institutional structures on the inclusion of a gender dimension in this policy area. The article adopts Woodward’s (2003) model of feminist triangles to unpack the role of actors and processes; specifically, highlighting key innovations and missed opportunities to integrate gender into CSDP. Focusing in particular on femocrats, the article argues that for gender mainstreaming to take place, the office of the Gender Advisor needs to bridge the division between the military and civilian dimension of CSDP. It concludes that CSDP remains largely gender blind in spite of the EU’s adoption of an action plan for the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.

  • Guerrina R, Masselot A. (2017) 'Walking into the Footprint of EU Law: Unpacking the Gendered Consequences of Brexit'. Cambridge University Press Social Policy and Society,
    [ Status: Accepted ]


    This article explores the gendered nature of the process of withdrawing from the European Union. Considering the EU is widely accepted as a gender actor, particularly in the context of employment policy, the marginality of these issues in current debates reflects a hierarchy in the value attributed to different policy areas that crystallizes the high-low politics binary. European led initiatives have undoubtedly changed the nature of equality policies in the Member States. Recent studies have also outlined how, and to what extent, EU policy contributes to shifts in gender regimes, gender policy and gender relations at the national level. Women in the UK have benefited greatly from membership of the EU/EEC, thus looking at Brexit as a process provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the relationship, and patterns of influence, between European and national legislation.

  • Guerrina R, Murphy H. (2016) 'Strategic Silences in the Brexit Debate: Gender, Marginality and Governance'. University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) Journal of Contemporary European Research, 12 (4), pp. 872-880.
  • Guerrina R, Wright K. (2016) 'Gendering normative power Europe: lessons of the Women, Peace and Security agenda'. Wiley INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, 92 (2), pp. 293-312.


    The European Union is seen to operate at the international level by promoting ideas and values, rather than by exerting military or economic power. As a gender actor, the EU has played a key role in the development of formal equality, which is presented as a foundational principle of European integration. It therefore follows that normative power Europe should seek to promote these values in external affairs. This article interrogates the role of the EU as a normative gender actor in relation to its implementation of the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, set out in UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and related resolutions. Documentary analysis will be supplemented by a detailed assessment of speeches and public statements about the role of the EU as a gender actor in external affairs. This data will be used to assess whether there is a disjuncture between the dominant narrative about gender equality as a fundamental value of the EU and the actions of the organization. It will also allow us to assess whether gender mainstreaming is a tool for public diplomacy or has made a significant change to the way the external relations agenda is formulated and implemented. Additionally, the article will draw attention to the institutional obstacles to the EU performing a role as a gender actor in external affairs. It identifies a critical tension between framing the WPS resolutions as an extension of the EU's equality on the one hand, and understanding that gender mainstreaming is a mere policy tool in international affairs. In doing so, it highlights how competing institutional demands can ultimately undermine core values (e.g. equality) when they are used instrumentally.

  • Guerrina R. (2015) 'Reconciliation Policies in the EU in the Context of Austerity'. Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law,
    [ Status: In preparation ]
  • Guerrina R. (2015) 'Socio-economic challenges to work-life balance at times of crisis'. Routledge Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 37 (3), pp. 368-377.
  • Bee C, Guerrina R. (2014) 'Participation, Dialogue, and Civic Engagement: Understanding the Role of Organized Civil Society in Promoting Active Citizenship in the European Union'. Journal of Civil Society, 10 (1), pp. 29-50.
  • Bee C, Guerrina R. (2014) 'Introduction to special issue: Framing Civic Engagement, Political Participation and Active Citizenship in Europe'. Journal of Civil Society (Special issue - Guest editors), 10 (1), pp. 1-4.
  • Allwood G, Guerrina R, MacRae H. (2013) 'Unintended consequences of EU policies: Reintegrating gender in European studies'. Women's Studies International Forum, 39, pp. 1-2.
  • David M, Guerrina R. (2012) 'Gender and European External Relations: Dominant Discourses and Unintended Consequences of Gender Maisntreaming'. Elsevier Ltd Women's Studies International Forum,


    This paper presents a critical assessment of the unintended consequences of gender mainstreaming when applied to European external relations. It seeks to address two distinct but interrelated questions: 1) has gender mainstreaming, as a strategy and political objective, fulfilled its potential? and 2) what kind of gender order is emerging in the context of a wider European equality agenda, which includes external relations within its remit. Using discourse analysis it will identify the dominant gender discourses in European external relations and foreign policy documents and compare this to the overarching aims of equality principles enshrined within the Treaties. It will look specifically at the European Neighbourhood Policy as it provides a useful starting point and areas of comparison given its similarity, in terms of power relations between the EU and third countries, to the process of enlargement.

  • Guerrina R, Zalewski M. (2007) 'Negotiating difference/negotiating rights: the challenges and opportunities of women's human rights'. CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES, 33 (1), pp. 5-10.
  • Guerrina R. (2006) 'Constitutional Politics in Europe: Continuing Trends in the Politics of Gender'. Identities: Journal for Politics Gender and Culture, 4 (8/9), pp. 9-35.
  • Guerrina R. (2003) 'Gender Mainstreaming and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights'. Policy, Organisation and Society, 22 (1), pp. 97-115.
  • Guerrina R. (2003) 'Employment Policy and the Family in the EU'. Cross National Research Papers - Employment Relationships and Family Life, 6 (4)
  • Guerrina R. (2002) 'Mothering in Europe - Feminist critique of European policies on motherhood and employment'. SAGE PUBLICATIONS LTD EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF WOMENS STUDIES, 9 (1), pp. 49-68.
  • Guerrina R. (2001) 'Equality, difference and motherhood: the case for a feminist analysis of equal rights and maternity legislation'. CARFAX PUBLISHING JOURNAL OF GENDER STUDIES, 10 (1), pp. 33-42.
  • Guerrina R. (2001) 'Constructing gender in the EU: the case of equality and maternity rights'. Current Economics and Politics of Europe, 10 (1), pp. 27-50.
  • Guerrina R. (2000) 'The EU's social dimension: Current trends and future perspectives'. ROUTLEDGE JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN PUBLIC POLICY, 7 (2), pp. 325-331.
  • Guerrina R. (1997) 'Social policy: a new feminist analysis - Pascall,G'. CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, 73 (4), pp. 790-790.

Conference papers

  • Guerrina R. (2012) 'Gender, Ideology & the Political Economy of Austerity: The Mother War Continues…'. Institute of Germanic & Romance Studies, University of London: the Post-1968 Motherhood in Europe Network
  • Bee C. GR. (2012) 'Representing Women in Europe: Trends and Challenges for the EU'. Passau (Germany) : UACES Conference Exchanging Ideas on Europe, Panel P102: EU as a Gender Actor I: Mainstreaming and Institution
  • Guerrina R. (2012) '(Re)Presenting Women: social conservatism, gender and the politics of sex in contemporary Italian politics.'. University of Antwerp, Brussels: 40th ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops
  • Guerrina R. (2011) 'Intended & Unintended Gendered Consequences of Interventions: Mainstreaming and the impact of 1325”'. Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester: BISA Annual Conference
  • David M, Guerrina R. (2011) 'Gender and European External Relations: Dominant Discourses and Unintended Consequences of Gender Mainstreaming’'. Central European University, Budapest: ECPR Second European Conference on Politics and Gender


  • Bee C, Guerrina R. (2014) Framing Civic Engagement, Political Participation and Active Citizenship in Europe. Routledge
  • Guerrina R. (2005) Mothering the Union The Politics of Gender, Equality and Maternity Rights in the EU. Manchester : Manchester University Press , pp. i-viii+179.
  • Guerrina R. (2002) Europe: History, Ideas and Ideologies. Arnold

Book chapters

  • Guerrina R. (2017) 'Gendering European Economic Narratives: Assessing the Costs of the Crisis to Gender Equality'. in Kantola J, Lombardo E (eds.) Gender and the Economic Crisis in Europe: Politics, Institutions and Intersectionality Springer International Publishing Article number 5 , pp. 95-115.
  • Guerrina R, Bee, C. (2015) 'Europeanisation of Policy Discoursses on Participation and Active Citizenship'. in Barratt M, Zani B (eds.) Political and Civic Engagement: Multidisciplinary Perspectives Routledge Article number 20 , pp. 377-402.
  • Guerrina R, Bee C. (2014) 'Participation, Dialogue, and Civic Engagement: Understanding the Role of Organized Civil Society'. in Bee C, Guerrina R (eds.) Framing Civic Engagement, Political Participation and Citizenship in Europe Routledge
  • Guerrina R, Bee C. (2014) 'Framing Civic Engagement, political Participation and Active Citizenship in Europe'. in (ed.) Framing Civic Engagement, Political Participation and Active Citizenship in Europe
  • Guerrina R, Bee C. (2014) 'Participation, Dialogue, and Civic Engagement: Understanding the Role of Organized Civil Society'. in Bee C, Guerrina R (eds.) Framing Civic Engagement, Political Participation and Citizenship in Europe Routledge
  • Guerrina R. (2014) 'Working Mothers: Performing Economic and Gender Ideologies'. in O'Reilly A (ed.) Mothers, Mothering and Motherhood Across Cultural Differences: A Reader Demeter Press Article number 21 , pp. 467-486.
  • Guerrina R. (2014) '(Re)Presenting Women: gender and the politics of sex in contemporary Italy'. in Childs S, Celis K (eds.) Gender, Conservatism and Political Representation ECPR Press
  • Guerrina R. (2011) 'Parental leave rights in Italy: reconciling gender ideologies with the demands of Europeanization'. in James G, Busby N (eds.) Families, Care-Giving and Paid Work. Challenging Labour Law in the 21st Century Chelteham, UK : Edward Elgar Publishing Limited Article number 6 , pp. 104-115.
  • Guerrina R. (2010) 'The Reproduction of Mothering'. in O'Reilly A, Golson JG (eds.) The Encyclopedia of Motherhood London : Sage Publications Inc. 3
  • Guerrina R. (2008) 'Employment, Policy, Women's labour market activation and demographic trends'. in Beveridge F, Velluti S (eds.) Gender and the open method of coordination: Perspectives on Law, Governance and Equality in the EU Aldershot, England : Ashgate Publishing Limited , pp. 35-54.
  • Guerrina R. (2006) 'Gender, interests and constitutional matters in the EU: The case of the Charter of Fundamental Rights'. in Hill LCAL (ed.) The Politics of Women's Interests Routledge , pp. 175-192.
  • Guerrina R. (2000) 'Sex Equity vs Sexual Equality'. in (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Feminist Theories Routledge

Internet publications

  • Guerrina R, Chappell L. (2013) Women on the Front Line and Other Equality Matters. e-International Relations
  • Guerrina R. (2012) The UK’s Approach to UNSCR 1325: Limitations of Gender Mainstreaming?. e-International Relations
  • Guerrina R. (2012) Birthing on the Front Line: A Tale of Military Femininity. e-International Relations

Other publications

  • Guerrina R. (2012) Birthing on the Frontline: Tales of Military Femininity. E-International Relations :

Theses and dissertations

  • Chrona S. (2017) The Psychology of political behaviour in Turkey : the affective, cognitive and motivational nature of citizens’ political considerations..
    [ Status: Approved ]


    This thesis investigates the psychological underpinnings of citizens’ political judgements in Turkey. Drawing upon political psychology studies, it focuses on the cognitive, affective and motivational components of political behaviour and investigates the role that ideological inclinations, value-orientations, emotions and sophistication play in shaping individual-based political decisions. By taking account of the electoral stronghold of the AK Party - whose roots are traced to its pro-Islamist agenda - in combination with the recent authoritarian turn in the country, the examination sheds light on the way citizens negotiate their political belonging and shape their positions in a non-traditional Western context. In doing so, the study uses both quantitative and qualitative data: the 2007 World Value Survey, a survey conducted in Ankara in 2009, and 25 semi-structured interviews with Turkish citizens. The findings highlight the importance of ideological divisions, value orientations and affective expressions of public opinion driving differential accounts of the socio-political reality, thus confirming the widely acknowledged high levels of polarization in Turkey. A key division emerges around ideological inclinations and values dividing citizens on the basis of their position towards the AK party. Also, the research suggests that more moderate segments of the population converge when it comes to the importance of individual freedoms and rights, the importance of democracy and the coexistence of traditions and modernization. Political sophistication conditions the function of ideology, values, and emotions at the individual level highlighting important differences in the belief systems of high sophisticates and novices.

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