Benefits of a placement

The University can equip you with the right skills to find a work placement that matches both the needs of your degree and your future career plans, as well as giving you useful links and contacts.

Professional Training has been an integral part of undergraduate degrees, with well defined learning and assessment outcomes, for over forty years. 


How we support you

We will support you all the way from application to the end of the placement and return to your final year.

We encourage you to be proactive and apply for your industry placement yourself, by writing a CV and cover letter. The application process can include interviews and assessment centres for which we offer support to ensure you are well-prepared.

A personal tutor from your school or department will be appointed who will visit you a number of times during your placement, to offer support and check on your progress (the exact number of visits will be dependent on your placement length and particular programme).

We are committed to developing and improving our Professional Training placement programme and we monitor and evaluate it closely each year.

What benefits you will experience

Gain in confidence, maturity and motivation: the responsibility of a year in industry means that you will be challenged to step up and use your knowledge and skills to deliver a job or project

Provide focus for your final year of study: putting study into context within a professional environment often makes your final year more enjoyable and successful

The chance to test out a career path: undertaking a Professional Training placement enables you to experience what your future career could hold and can open doors to graduate job opportunities

Open your eyes to new opportunities: discover possibilities you hadn’t previously considered and speak with a variety of professionals about what their roles are really about. This is especially useful when you haven’t yet decided on a career path.

What our students say

To discover first-hand accounts from our students’ on their experience during their placement year, dive into what our students say.

"I found the PT year a most enjoyable experience as well as extremely valuable in the development of my possible future career."


"I now have much clearer ideas about what I want to do in the future, and am much more focused and determined to get where I want to be."


"I never felt like I was on my own – even though I had a lot of independent work"


"I feel a lot more confident in my practical skills and enthusiastic about the future of my career"



View videos of some of our students talking about their sandwich years, or explore what our students say.

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