Directorate of Quality Enhancement and Standards

Collaborative provision

The University of Surrey has been engaged in collaborative provision for over 35 years, both nationally and internationally.  The University is committed strategically to developing international partnerships to increase research, educational and knowledge transfer collaborations.  

The processes for the apporval and management of collaborative provision aim to:

  • Be cognate with the strategic vision of the University
  • Aid consistency in the operation of collaborative provision across all parts of the University
  • Set out the University's responsibilities for collaborative arrangements in the maintenance of academic standards and assurance of the quality of the student experience in accordance with the UK Quality Code, Chapter B10: Managing Higher Education Provision with others
  • Adopt a risk-based approach to approving and managing the various types of collaborative provision, with appropriate and proportionate due diligence.

In order to assist the approcal process for collaborative provision, a collaborative grid has been devised, which contains direct links to the required forms for each process. This grid can also be found within the Code of practice for collaborative provision.

Below is a table that contains the forms found in the grid, along with useful documents such as the collaborative provision register for 2017/18.


Code of practice for collaborative provision
Collaborative Grid
Strategic Statement on Collaborative Provision (see Appendix 1 of the Code of practice for collaborative provision)
Taxonomy of Collaborative Provision (see Appendix 2 of the Code of practice for collaborative provision)
Register of collaborative provision


Initial proposal form
Risk assessment spreadsheet
Progression proposal form
Proposal form for UG/PGT programmes (Visiting student)
Proposal form for UG/PGT programmes (Medium and High risk)
Proposal form for PGR collaborative co-supervisors
Proposal form for PGR split-site / off-site collaboration
Proposal form for PGR dual / double degrees
Site visit form
Fee reduction form
Financial schedule for PGR collaboration
Financial due diligence (Low risk)
Financial due diligence (Medium and High risk)
Legal due diligence
Health and safety agreement (UK agreements only)
Health and safety checklist (international) (interim only)
Agreement renewal form

For external partners who wish to discuss potential collaborative arrangements, Faculties who are considering the development of a proposal for collaborative provision or any other queries relating to collaborative provision, please contact Emma Hardy , Academic Quality Officer (Collaborative Provision).

Further information on proposed collaborative arrangements with international partners and the role of the GLobal Engagement Office can be found at