Directorate of Quality Enhancement and Standards

Postgraduate research

The Directorate of Quality Enhancement and Standards has a responsibility for the following aspects of postgraduate research degree provision:

  • Validation and review of doctoral provision
  • Annual review of postgraduate research degrees
  • External examiner appointment and reports
  • Maintenance of the Regulations and Code of practice for research degrees
  • Oversight of collaborative arrangements for postgraduate research programmes
  • Advice and guidance to staff on postgraduate research student registrations

Further information can be found in the following reference documents:


Regulations for research degrees
Regulations for research degrees on the basis of published works
Regulations for higher doctorates

Code of practice and guidance documents

Code of practice: research degrees
Guidelines for Conduct of Viva Voce Examinations
Code of practice for Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) who support teaching
Code of practice for the approval of new PhD and MD programmes
Code of practice for annual programme review: postgraduate research programmes
Code of practice for handling allegation of research misconduct
Supervisor Handbook
Supervision Quick Guide

Useful information on the student life-cycle can be found on the PGR student web pages, which also contain current forms.