University structure

The University is structured into three faculties each led by an Executive Dean who is the locus of responsibility for academic quality and standards. The internal structures of faculties vary but each is comprised of a number of departments, divisions, schools and research centres.

In practice, the Executive Dean devolves day-to-day responsibilities for certain functions to identified roles such as Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), Associate Dean (International), Associate Dean (Research and Innovation), Faculty Postgraduate Research Director, Faculty Senior Professional Training Tutor, Head of Department (or other organisational unit).  Other roles at local level include Director of Learning and Teaching, Programme Leader, Module Leader, School/Department Senior Professional Training Tutor, Personal Tutors, School/Department/Centre Postgraduate Research Director, Chair of the Board of Studies, Chair of the Board of Examiners.

Further information is set out in the Roles and responsibilities for Faculty staff involved in learning, teaching and postgraduate research student support (PDF) document.

Faculties are required to operate within the University's regulatory and quality assurance framework. Local policies and practices can supplement those of the University but not supersede them. Operationalisation of University regulations, procedures and codes of practice works via faculty governance structures.

Faculty Learning and Teaching Committees (FLTCs) report to the ULTC via their Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching). Boards of Studies oversee individual programmes or clusters of programmes and the related Boards of Examiners and report into FLTCs. Boards of Examiners also have a reporting line to SPACE.  

Faculty Research Degrees Committees (FRDCs) report to the URDC via their Postgraduate Research Director.

Boards of Studies and Board of Examiners for Practitioner Doctorates report to FRDCs in respect to the research elements of the programme. Postgraduate Research Student Engagement Fora operate at organisational unit level within faculties and also report into FRDCs.