Radiation detector development

Our radiation detector research activities focus on the characterisation and development of wide band gap semiconductor and scintillator materials that are suitable for operation as radiation detectors at room temperature or above.

Room temperature semiconductor detectors

We study high Z materials for high gamma detection efficiency, like cadmium telluride, cadmium zinc telluride, mercuric Iodide and thallium bromide, as well as hard low Z materials for challenging environments such as high flux and temperature, for X-ray or gamma ray, neutron and charge particle detection.

Recent work

Recent work has focused on artificial diamond and silicon carbide (epitaxial diodes as well as bulk material) for this purpose.

We produce and characterise prototype detectors using a range of radiation sources and temperatures up to 500 K. We develop pulse processing techniques to improve performance. In addition, X-ray induced refractive index changes in a radiation signature are also explored.

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If you would like to find out more about research or want to get involved then please contact Prof Paul Sellin.