Big data and blockchain for service operations management


Big data is a major source of change in today’s world. It is without doubt a source of immense economic and social value with the potential to impact individuals, organisations and society alike in ways that are yet to be fully explored. On the other hand, blockchain is poised to play the role of foundation technology to store big data, ensuring that the data remain trustworthy, immutable and traceable. In this sense, then, blockchain will make big data even more valuable. Altogether, big data and blockchain are two complementary technologies that are expected to radically transform the way organisations are run in the upcoming years.

Organisations are constantly collecting a variety of data, such as standard tables, text, pictures and videos, of unprecedented sizes (millions or billions of records / variables) and from various sources, with the aim to use such data to improve their operations/services and create competitive advantage. There is a collective assumption that if organisations can learn to harness big data and blockchain technologies, then their operational capabilities would be transformed. In this context, both academics and practitioners interested in service operations could benefit from big data and blockchain technology to enhance operational performance.

Recent research published in ‘Big Data and Blockchain for Service Operations Management’ provides the necessary background to work with big data blockchain; introducing novel applications in service operations across a variety of industries, and covering the theory, research, development, and applications of big data and blockchain in the fields of mathematics, engineering, computer science, physics, economics, business, management, and life sciences.

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